“OMG, who wrote this, and will they write all of my text for me??”
– Owner, Ted Clark & Partners

“You are a copywriting fiend, girl! Your writing for the Winterthur museum was fabulous.”
– President, NPO Marketing

“This was getting to be a big headache of a project until you sent your copy. What a pleasure excellent copy makes! Thanks so much.”
— President, graphic design studio

“The reports are wonderful. I cannot thank you enough for the exceptional and exquisite job you have done. This is one content and enormously pleased customer.”
-Marketing Director, Los Angeles Community College District

“Thank you for cleaning up my thoughts and NOT putting words in my mouth. It’s dead on.”
-Director of Creative Services, Vemma Nutrition

“Linda’s writing is clear, concise and compelling. She is sensitive to the needs of various audiences, and is quick to perceive the nuances that help get our message across. One of her most appreciated attributes is the speed with which she produces copy. She has always met or exceeded our deadlines. Her writing style helps make the somewhat dull subject of health insurance more interesting and approachable.”
— Vice President Sales and Marketing, Unicare

“Thank you for your efforts above and beyond.” (card accompanying flowers)
— President, John Aaroe Group real estate

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your enormous contribution to our book and to us. You gave us the boost we needed to head in the direction we knew we wanted to go. You made our little book special.”
— Authors, “The Real Deal”

“Thought you’d like to know that the boss really, REALLY likes the email draft you did for him today. He keeps studying it. You outdid yourself on that one. He keeps talking about it.”
— Project Coordinator, Nuvisions Studio

“Never have I felt so comfortable standing in front of so many and delivering a message that was so aligned with my heart and mind. … this morning, one of our key physicians said, “I hear you gave an amazing speech at Healthy Children/Healthy Cities.” It just doesn’t get any better than that!”
-CEO, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

“The rewrite is awesome! Thank Linda for me – it always amazes me how everything sounds better after she’s done.”
-Marketing Director, Site Crew Inc. janitorial firm

“As always, a very nice job making (very!) complex copy easily understood. More to come!”
— Cheryl, VP Marketing, MWH global engineering

“If all clients could be this pleased!”
— David, president, ad agency

“I love the copy!!! What a joy it is to read well-written prose and feel the merchandise come to life through words. It has been a long time since I have felt this glow. Thank you.”
— Owner, online retailer

“Great job, writing this one was “rocket science.” Your writer gets an A++++.”
— Client feedback from newsletter editor

“Much thanks for an editing job more than well done. 99.9% of your changes stuck, and they made the book the professional effort I had intended and the members of the industry deserved.”
–Creative Director, Huntington Advertising & PR

“Fabulous work! We all think you have done such a splendid job of capturing the essence of our company and our products. We look forward to working with you again.”
—Creative Director, Vanmark

“Linda, I sent your education story on to my boss with a note that I thought it was really great and raised the bar for our stories. Here’s the note he sent back: “SMOKIN’!””
— Editor, Imagine, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles magazine

“Your ability to quickly translate information, knowledge and thoughts into words for my public speaking engagements always makes me the star presenter.”
— Noted cosmetics industry consultant

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— Principal, Hunter Advertising

“WOW! Great article! And done before our deadline! I love the warm tone and the word picture you paint. You’ve woven all the points I wanted to make into the story so seamlessly.”
— President, Diana Manchester Advertising

“The client has told me no less than three times what a good writer you are! She said she learned a lot from your article, which is really saying something, since she has worked there over 27 years.”
— President, Diana Manchester Advertising

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— Top real estate agent, Prudential California Realty

“You have such a wonderful knack for pulling the heartstrings and making music for the mind!”
— Co-chair, City of Monrovia library bond measure campaign

“We sent about eight letters supporting our measure to the paper, and I am glad they picked yours first. One Councilwoman called to say it was a wonderful message and great public relations for our city. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
— Co-chair, City of Monrovia library bond measure campaign

“We have gotten compliments about your writing from several people already, and the issue has not even come back from the printer yet. You did an excellent job on the President’s Letter — one of the best we’ve ever produced.”
— President, Diana Manchester Advertising

“Thanks a million for your splendid press release! Good reaction from the papers in New York. Let’s see what the stores think about it.”
— Fashion designer

“Linda, you are wonderful. I don’t know of anyone who can put so much information in a few words that grab the attention of the reader.”
— Pastor, community leader

“Another round of MAXI winners to add to your collection! Thank you for all you do for us – you are truly a star!”
— VP, NPO Marketing